1 Month on Testosterone

The experience of a female to male who received his first testosterone injection and the effects after 1 month on testosterone

January 6, 2005 : First Testosterone Injection

Today has been, to say the least, an interesting day finally coming to an end. Yes, the word “finally” does imply that I am glad it is coming to a close. However, I am very excited about my upcoming 1 month on testosterone update.

The events starting from last night at bedtime:

1:00 am : stomach cramps, anticipation and nervousness
2:00 am : 1:00 am continued
3:00 am : 1:00 and 2:00 am continued
later : sleep
9:00 am : call to schedule injection for later in the day
12:00 : pick up testosterone from university pharmacy
2:00 : injection
2:45 : leave office
8:00 : Cirque Du Soleil
11:00 : diarrhea side effect

The first testosterone injection was an exciting day to begin my FTM transition. The nurse was a great sport and allowed me to take time to learn how to inject testosterone. It was getting the nerve to inject myself that took most of the time. Even though he instructions were simple, the size of the needle surprised me. I do not have needle-phobia. Rather, I have a natural will against sticking a 1.5 inch needle all the way into my thigh. It was after many hesitation tries that I took one more look at the needle and handed it to Jesse. Now of course, my lack of will to stick a foreign object into my own thigh was no match to my desire to begin my FTM transition.

“Jesse, help.”

I bit the bullet and she stuck it in my leg–for some odd reason, it is much easier to have someone else do the honors. Had I injected it myself I would have most certainly passed out, instead I was woozy in a chair; trying to focus on my surroundings and stay conscious.

Stick me with the biggest one you got baby.

Opening night of Cirque du Soleil ended romantically with ill in the restroom and Jesse being my comfort. At one point a palm-meadow bug comes running up toward the toilet-for those of you out of the loop, a palm-meadow bug is a Texas size cockroach that can easily be two inches long–so she kneels down, crouches around the toilet and squishes the bug. This is love.

Pre-testosterone Voice Clip

January 8, 2005 : 2 Days on Testosterone

2 Days on Testosterone Voice Change
Much to our surprise my voice dropped quite a bit today. We weren’t expecting a change for quite a while. I began to sound hoarse at first, as if I was about to come down with a cold.

January 10, 2005 : Four days on Testosterone

4 Days on testosterone Voice Change
So far I have been on T for four days. Many of the online FtM’s report that they almost immediately develop a change in libido, but strangely, this has not been the case with me. We did notice that my temperature had dropped to around 96.0 degrees at the two day mark and it has steadily been going up since. My appetite is almost nonexistent–a cup of soup can cover me over all day long.

January 13, 2005 : 1 Week on Testosterone

1 Week on testosterone Voice Change
The hormone hasn’t forced too large of a change on my body as of yet. Most notably my voice dropped on day two and then recovered several days later. There hasn’t been much of a change in libido as many guys mention, but I have experienced growth. Several days after the injection my temperature dropped pretty dramatically along with my appetite. Both seem to have returned to normal within the last two days. I have also noticed that my needs to urinate have become much more urgent.

January 21, 2005 : 2 weeks on Testosterone

2 Weeks on testosterone Voice Change

January 30, 2005 : 3 weeks on Testosterone

3 Weeks on testosterone Voice Change

My appetite is outrageous, my face is greasy, and I sound like a frog–this must be a rite of passage.

Yesterday I ate seven large pancakes, then went to McDonald’s and ate a super size 10-piece chicken McNugget meal, and almost two other happy meals. Last night I had the honor of not only eating my enchilada plate, but Scott Turner Schofield’s plate too. This voice drop is the biggest one yet. I have noticed that my heart will go through phases of beating very fast and hard. It’s enough that I cannot fall asleep when it does this. I will be going to see the doctor this week to make sure that all my blood tests are normal just to be safe.

1 Month on Testosterone

February 4, 2005 : 1 Month on Testosterone

1 Month on testosterone Voice Change

My voice has gone back up a notch from the 3 week voice clip. I’ve noticed that my face is beginning to get greasy. There are small spots of acne that pop up sporadically, although my face is still very clear. When I was a teenager I had a significantly bad acne that wouldn’t cure with any face wash remedies. I’ve just made a dermatology appointment and will be seeing her in 4 days. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick up the medication that I was on as an adolescent to help battle the acne before it gets out of control.

My appetite originally dropped but it has since recovered. I find myself needing a very large meal once a day. There has been a libido change but it does not seem to be quite as dramatic as many others starting testosterone report.

I have been taking an 1/2 cc (100mg) injection of the 200mg/ml every two weeks. Month 1 carried two injections. Just before my second shot we ran my testosterone levels. They were at 153 on Thursday–the day before my injection. It had been 2 weeks since my last shot. Dr. Smith upped my dose to 3/4 cc (150mg) of the 200mg/ml every two weeks. This means that I am right in between a half and a full dose.

Changes for month 1 include:

Voice peaks and drops
Growth, libido increase
more earwax
Greasy face with scattered acne
Temperature drop after injection
Appetite increase
Weight Loss

Hair : No Change : lack thereof. Hair never grows more than 3/4 inch on legs and underarms. No hair on face, belly, thighs…
Libido : Change : Medium : Desire for sex about twice a day.
Voice : Change : Medium/High : Peaks and Drops throughout the week
Sweat : No Change : Low Acne : Change : Scattered Acne. Blackheads on nose. Extremely Oily Complexion.
Skin Smoothness : No Change : Silky Smooth.
Strength : No Change : None. I can lift a mouse!
Energy : No Change : Medium. Will rise with a bit of exercise.
Appetite : Change : Heavier : 3 meals a day + snacks. I eat constantly.
Sleep : No Change : Need about 13 hours a night. Can sleep all day.
Self-Esteem : Change : Higher. Issues with female appearance.
Attention Span : No Change : Low
Anxiety/Compulsions : No Change : Nail and lip biting.
Menstruation : Change : Short. Half day. Light.
Anger Level : No Change : Non-issue. Was an issue during teenage years.
Relationship Issues : Change : Better : More secure with self
Body Fat : No Change : 26%

Weight : 144 lbs
Height : 5’6 feet Waist : 35 inches
Thigh : 24.25 inches
Calf : 14.75 inches
Hips : 39.5 inches
Neck : 12.5 inches
Biceps : 11.25 inches
Forearm : 9.5 inches
Chest/Bust : 34.5 inches
Shoulder-to-Shoulder : 17 inches
Ring Size : 6
Men’s Pant Size : 30×31
Men’s Shirt Size : Extra Small
Men’s Shoe Size : 10 1/2

February 21, 2005 : 6 weeks on Testosterone

1 Month & 2 Weeks on testosterone voice change
I just celebrated my 21st birthday. I’m moving up in the world. At the party many of my friends who I had not seen since starting hormones commented on the noticeable changes. They brought up:

Voice drop
Greater appearance of jawline
Weight loss
More athletic/healthier build
Muscles in arms
Hair growth around ankles

I began the hormones at 150 pounds have dropped to 140 pounds. This is probably a result of my increased metabolism and instability of appetite. There is quite a bit of hair growth around my ankles along with a change (an increase) in the muscle mass of my arms.

February 28, 2005 : 7 weeks on Testosterone

1 Month & 3 Weeks on testosterone Voice Change
Dr. Smith increased my dose to 3/4 cc (200 mg/ml) every 10 days. Originally it was 1/2 cc every 14 days. Then 3/4 cc every 14 days. Now, 3/4 cc every ten days.

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