Female to Male Surgery

Learn about female to male surgery, including FTM phalloplasty, metoidioplasty and other female to male surgery procedures.

Surgical procedures to align a female to male transsexuals physical appearance with their cognitive identity may involve one or more of the following operations for the FTM transsexual: Reconstructive Chest Surgery, a Metoidioplasty or Centurion procedure, Phalloplasty, Hysterectomy/Oopherectomy, and less commonly, facial masculinization surgery.

These female to male surgery types may be broadly referred to as sex reassignment surgery (SRS), genital reassignment surgery (GRS), or genital reconstruction surgery.

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    Reconstructive Chest Surgery

    Details about chest reconstruction surgery: Double incision bilateral mastectomy and the keyhole Peri-aeriolar incision.

    Bilateral MastectomyKeyhole/Periaeriolar

  • Hysterectomy and Oopherectomy

    Hysterectomy involves the surgical removal of the female sexual organs. Hysterectomy in female to male transsexuals has many benefits. It can increase the effects of testosterone and potentially decrease the chance of cancer.


  • Metoidioplasty: A Highly Successful Form of Masculinizing Genital Reconstruction

    Metoidioplasty (meta) is a female to male gender reassignment surgery (GRS). Metoidioplasty surgeons have a high success rate for the before and after surgery results.Metoidioplasty is a highly customizable female to male surgery that allows each candidate to choose the options that best suit their needs. Because each person who chooses to have metoidioplasty is different, there is a wide range of options that candidates can discus with their metoidioplasty surgeon.

    More about Metoidioplasty

  • Information about Modern Phalloplasty Techniques

    Phalloplasty is a type of gender reassignment surgery for female to male transsexuals. Phalloplasty surgeons are able to construct a phallus and achieve successful before and after results.

    The Modern Phalloplasty

    Enhancing Sexual Performance with Erectile Implantation following Phalloplasty

    Erectile implants may be added following surgical construction of a phallus, allowing the female to male patient to achieve an erection.

    Implantation of an Erectile Prosthesis