Passing Tips for Trans Men

The ultimate guide of passing tips for trans men. Includes FTM binding, packing, and STP tips for female to male transsexuals

Passing as male can be challenging for the trans man who hasn't started hormones. That's why we've creating this guide to passing tips for trans men. None of these passing tips for trans men are a "requirement." Binding, packing, and using STP devices are important to many trans men because they allow the female to male transsexual to feel more comfortable in their body while also helping them to pass as male.

  • FTM by Mika Darling. Used with Permission.

    Binding your breasts to create a male-appearing chest

    The pre-op FTM often finds himself in a dilemma when trying to pass as male because their their breasts may cause others to question their gender. Before surgery, if chosen at all, female-to-male transsexuals may chose to bind their breasts to further their masculine appearance. The goal of binding is to flatten the breasts down to create the illusion of a man’s chest. Binding methods, product, and size vary by an individuals weight and personal preference.


  • Closing the Fly

    Soft Packing to Create a Male-Appearing Bulge

    Soft packing devices (a.k.a. “packers” for short) add a bulge in the pants and help make FTMs feel more at home in their bodies. Many FtM’s find it necessary to pack in certain environments, such as the gym or locker rooms where the lack of a penis, or for that matter, penis looking-part can be an obvious alert to those with wandering eyes. Generally, what the natural born man has, is what the FTM wants, and so it goes that the packing device was created.

    Packing for Daily Wear

    Packing Hard for Sex

    In addition to soft packing, some guys like to “pack hard” for sex. The term packing hard refers to packing for sex, and in most circumstances constitutes the use of a dildo or erectile device in a packing prosthesis.

    Packing Hard for Sex

  • Passing in the Mens Restroom

    Passing in the Mens Restroom

    Social interaction in the mens restroom is remarkably different than the women's restroom. Every restroom is different, so it's important for to be prepared for the challenges that different locations can yield for a trans man who is just beginning to transition. Bars, rural locations, or upscale restaurants each present unique challenges in etiquette, and even safety.

    Enter the Mens Room

    I'm still a wee-bit on the feminine side, which leaves me in the little-woman-with-a-dress-on category for the bathrooms.
    Corbin's Journal, 2003
  • Clothing

    At the Flat by For the Wicked

    At the Flat by For the Wicked. Used with permission.

    Our perceptions of gender are often guided by how someone presents themselves. Clothing is one of the main indicators that helps people distinguish whether someone identifies as a man or as a woman.

    Dressing in mens clothing may seem deceptively simple. However, trans men face unique difficulties in finding the right fit because of our smaller size and bone structure. In addition, trans men who have not started hormones, or who still have a curvy figure may need to disguise their figure. Something as simple as the cut of your pants can make a huge difference in reducing or emphasizing your physical attributes.


  • Hairstyles

    Along with dress and binding, the haircut is another key to being perceived as male. Women tend to cut their sideburns at angles, whereas men cut their sideburns straight across–this is one of those things that we perceive but don’t pay attention to when talking to people.


  • Study Aid by Mika Darling

    Study Aid by Mika Darling. Used with Permission.

    Male Mannerisms and Body Language

    Appearing male isn’t just about physical appearance. There’s a social aspect to it too.

    Male Mannerisms

  • Shaving

    Learning how to shave before you begin testosterone can be good practice for when facial hair begins to develop after beginning hormones.


    Tips and tricks about shaving when you begin to grow facial hair. Trimmed accents of facial hair can increase the appearance of a more squared jawline, which can result in a more masculine appearance.